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 We have so many new books at the library right now!  Stop in this summer to grab a great read.


In July we added over 200 new Capstone books to our collection including...



Spot It

There are 16 titles in this set.

Open up a Spot It book and feast your eyes. Delightful photographs packed with hidden objects will keep you searching for hours. Combined with fun clues, the Spot It collections of scenes and objects are sure to challenge even eagle eyed readers.



Perfectly Poppy

There are 8 titles in this set.

Seven-year-old Poppy is the perfect mix of smarts and humor. Although she loves to watch TV, Poppy is always up for a new adventure. Using realistic scenarios, these early chapter books showcase the importance of a healthy lifestyle in a refreshing and light manner.



Country Guides, with Benjamin Blog and his Inquisitive Dog

by Anita Ganeri
Illustrated by Sernur Isik

There are 14 titles in this set.

Join intrepid explorer Benjamin Blog and his inquisitive dog Barko Polo as they travel the globe exploring some of the world’s most fascinating countries! Each book includes chapters on the history, geography, cities, people, food, famous places, and more of the country in question.



Pets Up Close

There are 6 titles in this set.

Do you love pets? Take a closer look! Zoomed-in photos of all your favorite pets nearly leap off the pages. Simple, charming text pairs with amazing images to leave readers’ tails wagging. Learning about animal bodies and adaptation has never been more fun!




Library of Doom

There are 12 titles in this set.

Meet the mysterious Librarian.  Keeper of the world’s most dangerous books, sworn enemy of monsters made of paper and ink, crusader of young people threatened by ancient curses.  Enter the Library of Doom, where the Librarian’s exploits merge heart-pounding tales with startling artwork.



We have the Illinois Book award selections which are
published by the Illinois School Library Media Association.


The Monarch Award: Illinois' K-3 Readers' Choice Award

The Monarch Award is designed to encourage children to read critically and become familiar with children's books, authors and illustrators. The these books intended for Kindergardners through 3rd graders.



The Bluestem Award: Illinois' Grades 3-5 Readers' Choice Award

The award is designed for students in grades 3-5 who are ready for longer titles than found on the Monarch list, but not quite ready for the sophistication of some of the Rebecca Caudill titles. The award may include both timeless classics and current titles, as well as books that have appeared on Monarch and Rebecca Caudill lists.



The Rebecca Caudill Award: Illinois' Grades 5-8 Readers' Choice Award

The Rebecca Caudill Young Readers' Book Award is an annual award given to the author of the book voted most outstanding by students in grades four through eight in participating Illinois schools.  A list of 20 books are published in the Spring and the final award winner is chosen from this list.



The Abraham Lincoln Award: Illinois' Grades 9-12 Readers' Choice Award

This program is designed to encourage high school students to read for pleasure and to become lifelong readers. The Abraham Lincoln Readers' Choice Award winner is awarded to the book from that year's master list that earns the highest number of student votes. 





Library Hours

Monday - Thursday
9:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.

9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

9:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Closed on Sunday

New Arrivals

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    Book 1
  • Alldressedinwhite
    Book 2
  • 100ways
    Book 3
  • cheney
    Book 4
  • farmhouse
    Book 5
  • mistiltoeinn
    Book 6
  • x
    Book 7
  • quilted
    Book 8
  • catify
    Book 9
  • type
    Book 10
  • andy
    Book 11
  • Allthestars
    Book 12
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  • Mr. Holmes
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