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The Peotone Public Library has many resources to help you and your child with reading, school work, book selection, and much more.

Please be sure to check out the RESOURCES tab on the top of this page for all of our online databases.

AutismComes toSesameStreet

Check out this amazing Autism awareness resource from Sesame Street


In the U.S., 1 in 68 children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In fact, almost every school and university in the country has students with autism. While the diagnosis is common, public understanding of autism is not. The lack of understanding around the condition contributes to discrimination, verbal abuse, even physical violence. A recent study reveals that children with autism are five times more likely to be bullied than their peers—treatment no child should endure. While the differences between people with autism and their peers may seem significant, children share something far more important: unique qualities and talents that make the world an interesting place.

That’s why Sesame Workshop created Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children, a nationwide initiative aimed at communities with children ages 2 to 5. Developed with input from parents, people who serve the autism community, and people with autism, See Amazing in All Children offers families ways to overcome common challenges and simplify everyday activities. At the same time, the project fosters an affirming narrative around autism for all families and kids.

 Brightly Banner FB

Check out this new parent resource, BRIGHTLY, run by Penguin Random House.  This website is a new resource to help parents grow lifelong readers. Check out the site and some of their top content, including 5 Legitimately Funny Bedtime Stories, The Importance of Reading Aloud to Big Kids, and Books Tweens Can't Stop Talking About.

 Get Net Wise

Learn about the risks kids face online, based on age levels or types of activities. Concerns about privacy are addressed as well. Quick tips for kids, teens, and families.


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