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Get Organized 1-2-3

Got stuff? Don't know where to put it all? Do you own your possessions, or do they own you? If your home or office has been taken hostage by your clutter, it is time to break free. Reclaim your space and discover the peace a well-organized and uncluttered area can bring.  Susan Powell from InFocus Design will be at the Peotone Public Library on Saturday, June 24th at 10am.   As a professional organizer and a member of NAPO, National Association of Professional Organizers, Susan can help you achieve the tranquility of organization.

Monday Movie Matinee @ the library

Come celebrate May as we travel through the history of movie classics.

 A 1944 comedy film starring Cary Grant as the one sane member of a charmingly lunatic family. When Mortimer Brewster (Grant) brings his new bride to meet his two kindly aunts, he discovers that, among many other acts of charity, the two genteel ladies help lonely old men die happy ... by feeding them a wonderful meal before poisoning them. Now, Mortimer desperately wants to protect the two serial murderers he loves, stop them from killing anyone else and keep his bride from discovering how deranged his family really is.

Bring your Lunch on Monday, June 19th at 11:30am and the library will provide desert and beverages.

Please contact the library at 708-258-3436 or sign up on our website www.peotonelibrary.org and go to the calendar and click on the event.


Scrapbooking Club @ the Peotone Public Library for Adults and Teens

Are you interested in scrapbooking? Whether you are a beginner or have been doing it for a long time, come join us. 

Come join us on July 11th at 5pm. Please bring your pictures and supplies for 1 hour of fun.  

Please contact the library at 708-258-3436 if you are interested or sign up on our website www.peotonelibrary.org and go to the calendar and click on the event.


One Stroke Painting - Summer Craft

Kathi Eastman will teach a one stroke painting on canvas class for beginners on Tuesday, July 25th at 6pm.  This class is for beginners and all the supplies are provided.  The charge for this class is $10.00.
Please register for this program on our website www.peotonelibrary.org/calendar and select the One Stroke Painting link.
one stroke summer picture

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