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Penguin Craft for Bookworm Buddies 8/18

On Tuesday, August 18, we will create penguins during storytime. The supplies you will need are scissors, glue, black pen or marker, black and white paper, orange paper -OR- an orange crayon, marker or colored pencil, and something round for tracing (I used an old coffee can lid.)

Early Readers Book Club

Beginning in August, we will be adding an Early Reader’s Book Club to our regularly scheduled programming. This will be a program for children in grades K-2 who are learning to read independently. We will read an award winning or nominated story and create a book related project.

Our first meeting is this coming Monday, August 17th at 5:00 PM. We will meet on Facebook Live, and we will create a fun cat art project. For the project, the participants will need a sheet of construction paper (it can be whichever color they would like their cat to be) and a blank sheet of paper to make a background (preferably a different color than the first sheet of construction paper.) They will also need scissors and a variety of crayons, colored pencils or markers.

Example of art project

Craft Project for Bookworm Buddies 7/14

Tomorrow during storytime, we will be making a paper clam shell. The template is below. For this project you will need: an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper (any color you choose) a pair of scissor and glue. Also, crayons or markers, if you’d like to color your clam shell.

Craft Template for Tuesday Storytime

Hello, everybody! We’ll be making a fun giraffe project during virtual storytime on Tuesday. Above is the PDF, so you can print it out, if you’d like to follow along. You will need two pieces of paper, (one for the giraffe and one for the background) scissors and glue. If you only have white paper at home, you could use crayons or markers to color the giraffe.

Bee Craft for Bookworm Buddies 6/30/20

Below is the Bee craft we will make during storytime this coming Tuesday (June 30th.) You will need yellow, black and blue (or white) paper, scissor, glue, and a marker (if you’d like to draw a face on your bee.)

Musical Mayhem

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Musical Mayhem! If you would like to complete the Music & Movement Mission in ReadSquared, you can follow along with this video and have a Jim Gill Dance Party at home!

3D Cat Craft

Above is a PDF file for the craft project we will be creating together in Bookworm Buddies on Tuesday, June 23 at 10:30 AM. Print it on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, if you and your child would like to make the craft along with us. You will also need scissors and glue to make this craft. We hope you’ll join us on Tuesday!

Caterpillar Update #4: Butterflies!

The butterflies emerged from their cocoons! They stayed with us in the butterfly tent for a few days as they ate, rested and gained some strength. Then we set them free into the wild. Watch their journey in the video below.