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The Outdoors is Calling!

Just in time for spring, here are a few books that will hopefully inspire us to spend some time outside, especially as the weather gets a little warmer and the sun begins to shine!

The Hike by Alison Farrell is an excellent book about three girls who take to the woods, and spend the day exploring! Throughout the book, you’ll find helpful labels that identify the animal life and vegetation the girls pass along the way.
Two friends go exploring to find keepsakes to store in glass jars. They collect all kinds of objects like buttercups, feathers and heart-shaped stones. But the author adds some clever magical realism when it’s revealed that, “They collected things you might not think would even fit in a jar. But somehow, they did.” This is a sweet book, with great illustrations and a great lesson in friendship.
This wonderful book tells the story of a family who had to downsize to a small shack in the woods during the Great Depression. It helps us understand the strength, creativity and ingenuity it took to survive such a trying time in history. It is also a celebration of the little, universal joys that make life more bearable.