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The ReadSquared Rundown

Since we are moving to an all new Summer Reading platform this year, we thought we’d try to make your transition as smooth as possible. Here are some video tutorials on the different aspects of using ReadSquared. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the library or send us an email.

How to register for Summer Reading on ReadSquared
How to log reading on ReadSquared
How to complete missions in ReadSquared
How to enter the prize Raffle on ReadSquared

Just another quick rundown of how the points will work this year. For adults and teens: each book you read is worth 100 points, and each mission you complete is also worth 100 points.

The first 100 adults to read six books will win a Peotone Library Book tote.

Kids ages 0-12: every 100 minutes you read is worth 100 points, and each mission completed is also worth 100 points.

The program goal is to reach 1000 points by the end of the summer, but you are not required to stop at 1000 points. You can keep reading, and keep earning points.

Every 100 points earned can be traded in for a raffle ticket and entered into one of the prize drawings.

We are so excited about Summer Reading 2020! Thank you for joining us this summer!

UPDATE: There are also games you can play on ReadSquared. As you earn more points, more games are unlocked.